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He is a cold nosed dog, and can move a track fast. Good rig dog, and has the speed to stop any bear.


He is all bear dog. Will run a lion but likes bears. He is as fast as they come on a track. He has no problem catching his own bear and loves a mean fighting bear. Has the stamina to run hard all day.


He is another one of our young dogs, He is gamey, gritty and fast. He is not afraid to pull hair. He is also an excellent locate and tree dog.


Amos is a young dog out of Rambo and Sally. He is fast, athletic and smart. He is very gamey and runs for the front. He is cold nosed and a nice trail dog.



She is a daughter to Minnie, before she was a year old she was catching lions by herself consistently, she is super cold nosed and very fast on a track. She can move a 2 day old lion track like it was made 8 hours before. She is very athletic and smart. Also an excellent tree dog.


She is also a cold nosed dog, very intelligent dog when it comes to figuring out a track. She is very gamey and can hunt hard every day.


She is as good as they get on lion and bear. She will stop any bear you dump her on. She has the grit to stay with any bear on the ground and the speed to run down those little running bears. There is very few bear get away from her. Excellent rig dog. And produces really nice pups.


She is cold nosed, gritty and smart. Handles like a dream. Very independent broke dog. Has been catching lions by herself since she was 6 months old. There is no quit in this dog. She is very nice to be around.


Rally is out of Rambo and Sally. She is young but showing lots of potential to make a top dog and doing everything she is supposed to. Very smart, athletic and gamey dog with a cold nose.

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